Saturday, 17 October 2009

Is this really what you would send? Like really!

So no dates this evening - out for a party instead! But have 2 dates tomorrow, seperate post to come on that one.

Anyway I just want to have a rant about emails. I mean come on guys, seriously. The rubbish I have had into my inbox in the last couple of days has been trully spectacular to say the least. Do men really think we fall for some of this stuff? again maybe I am unique and this just doesn't get me and maybe does other females so I just thought I would post some rather interesting pieces of text to show just what I am up against!

Christ bring on that Gin tonight I tell ya!

Here we go gang - read them and weep - LITERALLY!!

Needless to say these are some of the ones I am NOT planning on dating..

Be back tomorrow to chat on the debate of "Two dates in one day"

heya hun...

You surely good with wrds...and like a have literally charmed me
enuff to write to u... To be honest i aint that good with WRITING words, but can surely match up with ur talking skills... ;)
And wish i cud prove the fact...that 99% of things which get u going are with this guy, tryin to chat u up :)
Love to see if we can work out sumthn between us..
I am 27 working as a manager for a store, puttin up jst up the bridges.
6ft, dark eyes and hair...athletic and a charmer too... :) m from new zealand...and m mixed.. :)
So u cud say... Tall, dark skinned (cos m mixed) and smart :P

Like reading, music and adventure sports (bungee jumping, para-sailing, rock climbing etc..)

I actually don't even understand half that - do any of you?

its ok for a woman to love shoes but as for me ! lol folk think am way too odd as i adore nice shoes xx ( on a lady ) lol

What the F***?

Hi Interesting to hear you like shoes lol. I like feet!lol.
As you say, what woman doesn't like shoes, but hey, sounds as if you are relaxed with your affliction. ha ha

So, a red head eh,,I'm interested.Unique, individual and different people, powerful character and spice, nice.

Would you like to take a risk and meet me for that coffee date sometime and maybe see if the spark can be lit into a roaring flame !

OMG - really??!!!

Two eyes meet across a crowded room.

You feel the tingle go up your spine as your back instinctively arches and your lips send a smile back to the stranger.

But the eyes don't look away.

You are being watched and you LOVE it! That feeling of excitement and electricity starts in your stomach.

A combination of arousal and that sinking feeling.

The one you get when you know that this man is going to get what he wants and you are going to enjoy him taking it. You can imagine the tender passion of his kiss on your lips.

As he begins to walk towards you your veins flood with emotion. Your heart begins to pound. Something incredible is about to happen. If you will only take the next step and SAY HELLO to him.

Are you the kind of woman that can appreciate the difference?

The difference between what you think you want and what would truly, deeply fulfill you? The difference between a little attention from a lot of men, and the right kind of attention from the right kind of man?

The kind of man who enjoys the sight of a woman truly fulfilled, truly exploring, truly experiencing who and what she is, not what her friends or others want her to be, but what she really wants to be in all of those ways that she hardly expresses, but only and wishes and dreams that she could?

I think when that can be realized, now, with me, that is when I see that a woman is truly wonderful to be with.

Something wonderful is about to happen.

I'm sorry but I am absolutely pissing myself laughing! - OMG

Seriously I am getting like 10 of these a day like this. What is it about my bloody profile that is pulling out this type of chat in men? Yes I like shoes, yes I mention that in my profile - I have a pretty normal profile outwith that... Must go and do some research to see if I have accidentally ticked the "all weirdos welcome" option!


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