Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Handover of house of hell

Tuesday 22nd Sept
So today I have to hand over the keys to the house I shared with HIM, after Perry’s barn comment last night I am feeling confident about dealing with it all. Think again Puppy! Get to house this morning, OMG its like a bloody floodgate. Doors open and so do the tears. They start coming and they keep on coming. OMG stop please. I sit on the stairs and text my nearest and dearest to tell them not coping. I have about 5 hours to clean this huge house from top to bottom and here I am sitting sobbing. Not great. I waste 1 hour of those 5 sobbing and then realise I am never going to make it in time so I drag my sorry ass up off the stairs and get a move on. Now as you will remember from my previous blog there was the whole story of still having a set of Voldemort’s ladders in the house as well as 2 tv’s in question that he still wants. I swear the fact that his daughter was born a few weeks ago barely touches the side but the fact that I could possibly still have some items belonging to him, god forbid. So true to form, speak with him that day and he announces that he’s coming for the ladders. I say “oh yeah your daughter is doing great thanks” silence. I tell him I have no intention of seeing him at the house so he can come after I have left which should be around 4 o’clock. He says fine I will be there. I then have a brain wave and think actually I will put them in the shed, I call him back to say he can come when he likes as they will be in the shed (which for those not in the know of the layout of my house you can access without coming near me or the house) Great he says I will come later. So I continue bleaching and washing and hoovering. 1pm the doorbell goes, I answer the door to him, can’t believe it. After much discussion he comes in to collect the ladders, he then comes back and does a tour of the house. At this point it’s a bit too much to be in the house with him. I follow him upstairs where he is wondering in and out of each room. He comments that there are some items still in cupboards. Eh well yeah David of course there are but I can’t actually fit anymore into my car. He offers to take it for me!! Eh hello Fuckwit being nice – never a good idea but I’m aware I am running out of time so I accept the offer. Bit like continuing to text Mr Blah from last night, I obviously just cant say no!!! Incindentally Mr Blah has been texting all day with offers of help to move as he just lives round the corner, eh no! (see I can say it)

So off I go letting Voldemort pack up his car and drive to Corstorphine. Thankfully our daughter is not here as don’t know how that would have gone down. Anyhow at new house he comes in to collect one of his TV’s and picture and he is laughing and joking just like we would have done in the old days, makes me slightly sad to think about that so I just shut that down and go into bitch mode again. He leaves and tells me that he finally has accepts that he has another daughter now and that he understands my reasons for keeping her (very considerate of you hun – lol) but says still wants nothing to do with her. Fair enough. He leaves after a hug request and that’s it – gone finally from my life, and I decided there and then that I would never ever contact him again. End of!

Now if only I could be more assertive with Mr Blah huh?? Find myself now logging on to messenger to chat with him and I think I may have agreed to go on a date with him next week…. Aaaarrrrgh – right excuses at the ready. Have a week to think of an excuse.

Meanwhile number of new messages coming in from the “famous” dating site. Quite an interesting one from a guy who is relocating up from London. IT consultant, seems switched on, emails are good, chatty, flirty but not too much (I hate that too – turns me off straight away) his name is Khomo. Not Homo, not Koko, Cola etc. These are the names that Aisha is coming up with for him! So I find myself agreeing to see him on Friday. He is due to move to Edinburgh in a months time and is up here for his friends wedding this weekend. He is staying at the Missoni hotel (good start) so I am meeting him there for drinks first and then off to my local, the Livingroom for dinner. All good so far.

Now how to let Mr Blah down.. mmmmm – Im thinking maybe I could say I had met and got engaged one night? Broke my legs, both? Been diagnosed with a bad disease that was infectious? I’m thinking maybe I go the ignore text route! Good plan Sam. Good girl.

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