Sunday, 18 October 2009

2 become 1 (and no it's not a Spice Girl Song!)

So yesterday I let you know I was going on 2 dates today. Well one is a super keen guy and the other is one that I had a bit of instant email/text click.No 1 booked for 3pm coffee no 2 booked for 4 pm coffee. Thank god I like coffee huh as will no doubt be bouncing off the walls on caffeine later. Anhyow - no 2 was texting in the afternoon yesterday and we were having a right good banter back and forward. As you know from my blog I have issues with short men, well actually I dont have issues, short men have issues with me. So I was winding this guy up asking him if he really was 6 foot 2 as his profile says. He was like "eh no my profile shouldn't say that - Im actually five foot 4" yeah right! then he asks if I have any other "issues" he should know about. I reply saying "cars" so he emails back saying "so if I am five goot 4 and drive a skoda I've pulled" I text back saying "look seriously if that is the case don't bother texting back as I am not interested" (was obviously only teasing) but then what happened next was unbelievable! In complete slow motion my bloody iphone fell in the bath and I couldnt fish it out - dead, dead as a dodo! Bloody great this guy will think I am being serious!! Try to switch it on - it aint working... nothing nada.

I am the middle of getting dressed for going out and J&P ring the doorbell so I have no option but to leave. Leave phone on radiator to dry out!! Needless to say everyone finding it funny when we are out. Bastards!

So this morning I wake up and still no phone - what to do??? I cannot live without my phone..

Cut along story short - lots of flirting in the O2 shop (guys you are sooo easy!) get myself a free upgrade to new phone - brilliant. Text No 2 and explain. He finding it funny so thats all good. Still arrange date (although now having second thoughts as he just called and I spoke to him and eww he doesn't sound nice at all!!) how the hell can someone be fab on texts, emails and sound soooo different - still can't pull out now.

Problem I have now lies with No 1. So was about to text him and explain the same prob as No 2 with the bath story. Get a text saying "eh don't bother turning up today as I won't be there, good luck P x"
What the f?
You are having a laugh. Would a girl ever send that? No! Would we give someone the benefit of the doubt? Yes
I text back explaining the bath situ and explain that "its probably good we not meeting up if your last text has anything to go by" he texts back "soooo sorry, can you ever forgive me?" OMG thats freaking me out and to top that he's now bloody caling me! I am not answering!
Guys guys guys - please think about this. You are portraying what us girls would be classed as nutters for. Why is it acceptable for you to act like a nutter and get away with it but for us we are psycho!

Oh Fuck he's left a voicemail - can't even bear to listen to it. I suppose I should....

Will report back later on No 2 (athough as I said he's not sounding too great an option!!!!)

UPDATE: voicemail listened to - he sounds like he's almost in tears. At this stage I am thinking close call for me then! He sounds totallly unstable.... He's offering to take me to dinner to make up for the misunderstanding. No thanks. I know that probably sounds heartless to you all out there but after 2 years of "Fixing" someone with issues, I have no intention of persuing a broken man ever again!

God really is it that diffucult to get a good date in this bloody town???!!!

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Anonymous said...

keep up the good work - loving this!

Secretshopgal on 21 October 2009 at 22:57 said...

thanks guys - its everyone's feedback that keeps me going.



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