Thursday, 15 October 2009

The debate rears its head again - FB vs Relationship

So let's do a recap! To date I have had:

The Blah boy - lesson learned that I am the type of person that needs stimulated (conversationally before you start off on some other train of thought!) oh and that teeth need to be good.

The Cocksure - lesson learned that for all those times I have claimed that confidence is a big turn on then in reality too much confidence is actually arrogant. Mmm confusing though because with confidence comes chat and thats back to my stimulation thought above!

Mr Small - no hard lesson learned here is there? Five foot 11 and above or else - end of!

Now in all of this I am learning more and more about myself as a person too - Im not just on some mad men hating showdown, hey they have their uses (can currently only think of Car Maintenance and Sex as options but I am sure there are more and hey the later can be achieved without need of said man!. Hey I'm well aware that I'm hard work (I'm sure most of my friends reading this will testify to that - apparently something to do with my dodgy Scorpio Star sign, cheers for that P) I give too much in life and therefore expect the same in return. I'm now thinking if I give nothing, I should expect nothing so I am setting my expectations low and anything better than that is a bonus.Again thoughts ponder then to Fuck Buddy route. Could this be in reality what most woman want? A shag with no ties? Mmmm lets consider this for a second before I continue with Date 4 Mr Chookter.

Pro's for a fuck buddy (FB)?
- Text or phone call away when the need is there
- No interest in "how was your day honey" actually no need to talk at all!
- No requirement to worry about whats wrong with them - they are ultimately just there for one reason
- Does what it says on the tin.
- No expectation of running around making dinner, cleaning and tidying up for them

Con's for a FB
- May expect the same service in return from you - and hey safe to say I aint no booty call late on a Sat night
- May be crap therefore whats the point?
- May start to expect more
- No emotional attachment - although I actually see that as a Pro

Pro's for a Relationship
- Lifelong bond (eww did I actually just type that? see I told you 2009 made me bitter)
- Someone to share everything with
- Someone to look out for you when you need it
- Someone to look after and hey this is one of the things I actually do very well - probably too well actually!
- Being part of a twosome, kindred spirits (eww see point 1)

Con's for a relationship
- Dealing with the goddam bloody moods - sorry guys but whoever said woman were super moody was a bloody man! You absolutely take the moodville to extremes... Us woman get bored of not talking as we are used to talking more so when you go off on one for a few days at a time it just doesn't cut it - come on, get over yourself! Be the bigger person, admit you were wrong, have make up sex, end of!
- Expectation that the housework/cooking is a female task. I'm sorry but hey I have a full time job, a very stressful one, one that requires 7 days a week working at times. I do all the childcare duties. I do not need to come home to see you slumped in the sofa after your "stressful day" chat to then ask "whats for tea hun"? Well if you had taken the time to open the bloody fridge you would know! God forbid you would actually remove something from the fridge and use that big silver contracption that sits in the middle of the kitchen with the words O V E N emblazoned on the front! Its funny though that when you have no energy to do that miraculously when its bed time you have all the energy in the world to expect some form of sexual antics that match those of the Kama Sutra! Truth is guys we are too bloody knackered after cooking, cleaning, ironing etc to even put our bloody jammies on let alone get our legs into some yoga advanced position! Maybe if you helped out a little more then sex may be forth coming!
- Remembering not only everything in your life but also his! What is it about entering into relationshipville that means not only are you responsible for orgnasing everything for yourself but them too? Come on girls how many times have you had to remind him "oh have you sent your mother's birthday pressie away?" "remember you have the doctors" "are you forgetting the kids parents night this week" and so on, christ I could write a blog alone on this. Can someone explain from a male's point of view how that happens? When does that responsibility cross over to us? Why then when your mum doesn't get a birthday present is it then an arguement with us as to how they hell could we forget your mothers birthday! Christ god forbid we would ask you to pick up a pressie for our friends/family, "you must be bloody joking - I aint going out shopping for your friends, wouldnt know where to start"

OMG I could go on and on

I've just decided after typing all that - FUCK BUDDY FOR ME!

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