Friday, 16 October 2009

Is it ever acceptable to ask the man??

So in this day in age are we all still harbouring under the old fashion rules of dating? Do we still trully believe that the man should make the first move? At work we are more than happy to take on what we would believe is the right to do an equal job yet when it comes to approaching the male species we don't do it! Why is that? What makes us think that it is ok to be that ball busting female in the workplace but in relationship related challenges we should take the back seat? This is a question I ask myself a lot. And I still don't have the answer. I worry for all the assertiveness I show in my career I am a wallflower in relationships. The fact that with Voldermort I transposed into a 1950's housewife proves this point... yes I did. The man did nothing - he didnt need to I did it all, right down to laying out the bloody clothes and underwear he would wear to work each day! Where is the equal rights there? I mean if he was ever to express what underwear I wore I would be outraged!(eh ok maybe on occassioin he did but thats a whole different type of blog!!) He loved it though, he loved being looked after, loved knowing that what I dressed him in was what I wanted to see him in. Mmmm maybe there is a lot of truth in that.

Anyhow back to the question in hand - "Is it ever acceptable to ask the man? "This is becoming more evident the more thoughts of Mr Mysterious come to mind. I should just elaborate a little on Mr Mysterious. He's the first ever guy (and I swear the first ever) that I look at and just want to sleep with (and not of the going to my bed with my jammies on and rolling over to go to sleep type!) Seriously, when I see him thats all I want to do! I've never had that with anyone..I'm blaming pregnancy hormones still lingering on long after they should have done. I'm just not that type of person - but boy with him I would be that type of person! Not interested in a relationship with him, just want to jump him! So today during coffee with J she said that I should just ask him.. Yeah how the hell do you do that? Christ I'm the woman here that will sit through 2 hours of chat to be polite. I can't exactly be the type to walk up to this guy and say "right you, mines in half an hour!"


It's just never acceptable is it???


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