Tuesday, 22 December 2009

How shocking am I?

So just realised its been 3 weeks since I posted on here - god call myself a blogger huh! Thats outrageous....

It's been a whirlwind 3 weeks I tell ya. Sooo much happened, so much to get through so much dissapointment in the species that is male in this world!

The last time we spoke I was venturing on another outing with the LM to the German Markets here in town - my favourite place at this time of year. Mulled wine, mmmm. So I had arranged to meet him at 7 and made the mistake of going out with R&A for a few drinks at 3pm. I guess I don't need to tell you how slighly tipsy I was when he arrived - looking lush as always I have to say. Anyhow the four of us ended up going to the markets but they were closed, nightmare. So we ended up just going for a drink. The more I see him the more I want him and the harder it is to know that he doesn't think the same. I could tell he was getting slightly uncomfortable as A&R kept on inviting him to nights out they were going to - I felt a bit sorry for him as he did have that look on his face that said "bugger that means I have to see Sam again"

We left earlish and there was no discussion on doing something else it was as fast as he could pack me in a taxi and get me out of there. I knew then finally that that was it. Very sad. The following day confirmed it when I personally myself took the decision to end it. Very sad, great loss but heh ho best all round

Doesnt stop me still lusting after him though - he is trully stunning. I guess it will only ever be a bit eye candy for me in the office now. 2 weeks on and I can safely say I have not gone back there, I have not asked him to do anything, no emails, not texts. Occassionally when I pass his desk he gets up for a wee chat and thats really lovely but thats all it is now.

Finally over


Hey its nearly 2010 so time to look up not down. I wonder what 2010 will bring as a dating year. Not sure, it definately cant be any worse than what I have had. Can it?

Meantime there is still a lot happening this side of the year to keep you up to date with.

My new year resolution by the way is to focus on my blog!

2 comments on "How shocking am I?"

Anonymous said...

HEy just wanted to say I loved reading your blog. How are things? Hoping for more updates to come.

Nic said...

Hey, how's things going on th elove front! Hope you've made some progress! xx



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