Friday, 6 November 2009

Men are like bloody buses!! Aaaargggh

So I finally decide right LM is a no go and I although I want to jump him and have a sexathon I'm moving on. Aint waiting on no man.... WOo hoo girl power and all that! Doesn't stop me lusting after him when I see him at work but just realised that its just a lust thing that aint ever going to come to anything.

Soo decide to go through the none scary emails that I have received and a couple of really nice guys in there. Strike up a great conversation with them both, really interesting people. Taking it with a pinch of salt though as you know - been there doen that - thought The Fonz was great conversation - christ look how that turned out...

But we have been emailing and msn a lot and last night progressed to a phone call - god that was nerve racking - why the hell so? I do not know but it just seems hard to talk to someone doesn't it? behind the security of a laptop its soooo much easier. Anyhow all going well, seeing Mr Ooh la la (he's French) on Sunday. Arranging to increase my bloatedness with a coffee so all good, quite looking forward to it.

Walk into work yesteday, head out to get my breakfast at the staff canteen, run into LM on they way there - hes says "Oh hey was meaning to catch up with you - do you want to do dinner Sunday night?" aaaaargggghhh FFS common. Ive given you attention for days (nothing) Ive chatted with you for days (nothing) we've texted and emailed all week (nothing) I become stand offish for a bloody day and this! Now I know I can't turn him down again as the last time I did that he took it personally so I find myself agreeing not only a) to meet him on Sunday but b) to have it at mine!!! what the hell! So not only now am I having to cope with the whole eating thing again but eating and bloody COOKING in my own home!!! aaaarrrgh

Great so Im having two bloody dates on Sunday now. One mid afternoon then I am (get this) picking up the LM at 7.30 and driving him to mines!!

Oh Dear - a recipe for disaster I fear! Oh well... I will behave though and only let LM at my house not Mr Ooh La La - thats a step to far!

Wish me luck!

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