Sunday, 15 November 2009

Enter the LM

Right so showered (gotta get Mr Ooh La La off my skin) as well obviously as making sure all bits checked lol. Hey a girl has to always be prepared don't we? What if something does happen and your legs haven't been waxed for so long?? Its not acceptable is it? I don't know about the rest of you but having some man run a hand up an unshaven/unwaxed leg has gotta be a huge turn off is it not? I just couldnt have sex if I wasn't "fluff free" eh wait a minute does this mean I am contemplating that? Well of course I am it's the bloody LM after all is it not???!

So I drive to his flat, pick him up, gosh even having him in my car invades my space which is great... it's not putting me off it's making me want him even more... How is that possible. So we get to mine, a little awkward at first as it takes a lot to let someone into my house, it's such a personal space isn't it. Anyhow nothing that some wine won't shake off. I get started on it straight away. "you want a drink hun?" "yes a coke please" eh what the hell. I can't just drink on my own! Eventually he does take a glass and we just sit and chat in the lounge all night. The fire is on, its cosy, it's comfy and it's just lovely. Once again I can't keep my eyes off him. I'm flirting outrageously and he's just not picking up on it. We sit and chat through everything and I learn about a relationship that he started about 4/5 months ago that has only lead to 4 dates in that time. We talk through that and I find myself thinking why the hell am I here talking to a guy that I just want to jump discussing his issues with his last relationship? I realise then that this is never going to be more than a friendship - bummer... :(

Night progresses and all of a sudden it's midnight, "gosh he says it's midnight, I better be going" I was like "ah ok hun you want me to call you a taxi?" "yes please, will go once I finish my wine" all off a sudden it's 1am and he is still here. I find myself saying words that I never thought were possible to say to someone "eh why don't you just stay?" there it is - I've put it out there, I've uttered those words that can either lead to rejection or a good night.... There's a distinct pause and I am screaming at myself inside thinking why the hell did you do that... Still a silent pause. I feel I have to speak up to fill the silence "there's the spare room made up for you hun so no worries there" and yes I have made up the spare room but I have also turned my bedroom into some boudoir for the evening! "eh he responds, well I would like to stay yes but I don't want to sleep in the spare room" cool cool a wee excited butterfly rises in my stomach "well you are more than welcome to sleep in my bed and we can get some sleep as it's late" I was not expecting the response of "No sorry hun but if I sleep in your bed then I am not going to be able to contain myself" Bloody hell at this point I'm like right move your ass upstairs! I respond with a "I promise I will be good" tee hee little did he know that didn't mean what he expected it to mean lol!

Anyhow I switch off all the lights, fire etc downstairs in record breaking time and am practically sprinting up those stairs!!

Get into the room and then reality hits me - shit this is the first time in 11 months that I have been in bed with someone, this is also the first time in the same time as having sex not to mention that I have just had a baby 10 weeks ago. Gulp, what the hell am I doing???? Lets hope the pelvic floor muscles have been doing their job! I must have registered shock on my face as he said "eh I just need to nip to the toilet" off he went and I swear I stripped naked in 5 seconds flat, threw myself under the covers and started to remove my makeup. He came back in and was a bit stunned to see me already in bed. He then progressed to getting undressed, I am sooo starting out the windo rather than looking anywhere near him... Gulp I feel sick, this is a nightmare... why oh why did I ask him to stay.. Shit, I need to deal with this. He climbs into bed, still my gaze is firmly focussed away from him, I take extra long taking my makeup off. eventually I am done, lights go out and I just lie under the covers. The good thing about having a super kingsize four poster is that the ability to have a huge amount of space is a good thing. He turns to my and says goodnight then and gives me a little peck on the cheek, which then turns into a snog which then within minutes is full on passion.. OMG I know this blog is not about sexual antics so I will keep it low key but bloody hell - what a night! seriously!

1 hour sleep before going to work - I am absolutely knackered! lol...

The drought is over... woo hoo

Get to work and have a lot of pain in my stomach and then it clicks - nothing to do with my antics it's from the pure sucking my tummy in all night lol!! too funny! or what though to pass him in the corrider.. Feel like a guiddy teenager with a dirty secret...

Lets see how it goes from here.

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