Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The thrill of the challenge? No thanks - had enough!

So Ive been a bit quiet on here as I have been behaving!! and all that means is that I have not been serial dating... My coffee intake has gone down from not being out on so many coffee dates! My waist line getting smaller due to lack of wine for the exact same reason as coffee! but most importantly I was waiting to hear what was happening with the LM before I entered back into the realms of it again. Gosh that must mean I quite like him and yes actually I do...

However it feels like a bit too much like a challenge and a bit too much energy so it's safe to say I think I am bailing... No no no I hear you scream , you can face the challenge but actually I can't be arsed! either someone likes you or they dont - isnt that how it works?

The next day after date with the LM I was feeling quite good going into work. I caught a quick glimpse of him in the morning and he smiled over - theee most amazing smile ever - did I tell you he has theee best teeth I have ever come across...I still was looking at him thinking I just want to rip your clothes off.. He really does do that to me (IM kinda personally struggling with that a bit actually!) never met anyone yet to have that effect. Anyhow he never mentioned anything about the night before, never asked for a re run nothing. We had a little email banter back and forward and that was about it. Was he expecting me to ask him out again is that what he was waiting for? He is a tad quiet and shy so that must be in. I casually mention on one of my emails about meeting up again - he never responded to that part of the email - mmmmm weird that. So I just continued being chatty. Now at this point I really am upping my flirting effort and still not working although he is really chatty he is not picking up on the flirting... God that is making me want him even more.... aaarrrrghhh Men so know how to work you don't they? I'm asking you all out there why is it when they make it hard we want them even more? Why do we want the challenge? Do all woman want the challenge or is it my sick mind? Make it too easy for me and I switch off, make it harder for me and I am in there hook line and sinker! Is this normal? Are all woman designed to want Mr Challenge rather than Mr Blah?

So I have a little quiet word with myself and say right time to just chill and see what happens. The next few days the emails continue all nice and chirpy and upbeat but still no follow up date. What is going on??? Surely by now almost a week later a follow up date would be in the making? Mmmm how do I get to that second date? How do you get there with someone you are starting to realise is super shy? Do I just befriend him and see what happens? Christ I dont need another bloody male friend - I need bloody sex! However he is no FB territory I have learned that form our meet up on the Sunday. Eventually the offer comes of a lunch date for the Sunday. In true style its my birthday weekend and the girls have planned a wee surprise for me which means going away so I have to decline - aaarrrrghhh. And I guess he thinks that I am throwing him the rubber ear so he emails back with a "ah well I guess I will just see you about then" OMG OMG he actually believes I am dissing him. How bloody frustrating.... Now I can't go back and say I promise I have something on as that makes me a psycho. Great now I am going to have to ask him out again... and so do not want to do that - going to distance myself. Yes thats the plan - elusive, out of reach, a challenge myself.

Well that bloody fell at the first hurdle - he texts me Sunday night to ask if I had a good day and to wish me happy birthday. Get into work the next day and there's a birthday card on my desk from him..... aaarrrghhh stop sending me these signals and not follow up on them! Right stuff it - going to ask him out again. Ask him if he wants to meet up Tuesday night. He replies saying he may have his kids that night but will let me know. He then texts and I pick up he really is lacking in self condidence - seriously if you saw this man you would think no way! christ If I had that effect on woman I would be working it I tell ya! Anyhow I spend the night texting him back and forward trying to make him feel better about himself (should I be hearing alarm bells here as this is what happened with Voldermort) but no he's a different kettle of fish altogether. I finally think right I am just going for it. Told him that I found him super lovely and on top of that super attractive and sexy.. Surely that is going to up the game? Nope!

He does reply a lovely response and does call me gorgeous girl in his text (and that does something to my insides at that point - god I do really need to have sex soon or I am going to burst!) but thats it - nothing. aaargghhhh

So I see him today at work and we chat for ages as normal, all smiley, happy and lovely - I DONT WANT THAT!! lol! I want passionate, firey, heat of the moment.... aaaarrrrghhh.... I've decided I am asking him one more time to go out and actually not inviting him out but inviting him to mine for a drink (wink wink) and if nothing comes from that I am hanging up my flirting skills with him and moving on and back to the serial dating!

Wish me luck - going to ask him for something to eat at mines this Sunday after my Halloween party on Sat and thats it.. Deal?

In the meantime started back looking at all the emails of the last week and filtering through them to start back on the coffee and drink meet ups!

Needs must and all that ;)

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